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The New York Jets

The New York Jet stay in 1st place in the AFC East with a favorable match-up for the rest of the year. Before you press the panic button after a game, look back to what Gang Green has done and what can go forward. My prediction is that the Jets finish the season with a 11-5 record, the AFC East division title and # 2 seed in the AFC..
4.12.08 19:56

Miley Tom Will Amp More Barbara Walters Reveals Quot 10 Most Fascinating People Quot

These Hollywood superstar and political and sports figures are only four of the people profiled in Barbara Walters presents: The 10 most fascinating people of 2008 - and ET will have exclusive clip from the special Thursday night show! See who else made the list. All our players have achieved extraordinary milestones in their personal life or career this year, says Barbara of the 16th edition of its annual Roundup. Miley Cyru. Will Smith Tom Cruise Michael Phelps Sarah Palin. In his hour-long ABC special, airing Saturday at 10pm ET, 30 Rock star Tina Fey, Rush Limbaugh political commentator, veteran Frost star Frank Langella and Thomas Beatie (the transgender man who gave birth to a girl last summer) are also profiled.
4.12.08 19:56

Wall E Tropic Thunder Top Dvd Charts

23.. A small, collection of waste-robot has captured the hearts of consumers of DVDs, much as it did in all theaters earlier this year. Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment WALL-E was the top-seller and No 2 residences on home entertainment, charts, topping the Nielsen VideoScan first reporting sales chart and a strong scoring second place finish on Home Media Magazine rental chart for the week ended Nov.
4.12.08 19:56

The Jonas Brothers Favorite Holiday Traditions

The brothers were seen with their father Kevin Sr., mom Denise, 8-year-old brother Frankie and Nicks dog Elvis in a study of LA. One of their traditions jealously is helping their mother with her cookie making, which is a five-day event.. Kevin Jona revealed: If Christmas huuuge fan. The Jonas Brother, which consists of Kevin, Joe and Nick, could not wait to celebrate Christmas this year in Dallas their new home.
4.12.08 19:57

Emma Watson Is Dashing In The Dark

Emma Watson poses quite the premiere of In a Dark Dark House play at the Almeda Theater in London on Thursday evening. The 18-year Harry Potter actress has also participated in the UK before Ano A at the Curzon Cinema Renoir in London on Saturday night (also pictured below)..
4.12.08 19:57


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